Interconnect & Cables


For the various applications and intricate configurations of the aerospace industry, Cable Connections is second to none in manufacturing top-quality, state-of-the-art cable assemblies, composite cabling and wire harnesses. From aircraft systems to airport infrastructure to air traffic control, our company is one of the few that can meet the specific demands of this industry, manufacturing each part to each clients’ exact specifications.

Simply put, aerospace is completely reliant on connections, from electronics to communications to data transfer. Every aircraft and piece of equipment in the chain contains a mind-boggling number of wired connections in highly complex configurations, and all must work together reliably to keep systems safe and functional. For these demanding circumstances, not only must the highest caliber materials be used, but they must be manufactured and configured to the highest degree of accuracy.

Meeting The Needs of the Aerospace Industry

At Nova Enterprise, our highly trained team of professionals is able to manufacture and configure wiring and connections to meet and exceed the requisite standards of aerospace applications. Every wire, component and harness is designed to the exact specifications of the customer, and the client has the opportunity to inspect and approve a first instance of each product before full production begins. Each product also undergoes extensive testing and additional inspection to insure the highest levels of quality. Wire harnesses are preconfigured to plug easily into the client’s framework, and we can also facilitate molded components as necessary.