About Us

Company Background

Nova Enterprise LLC, (“NE’) is a small business that provides a range of robust services in the warehousing, storage, and assembly sectors of the manufacturing industry. The company is a minority-owned and service-disabled-veteran-owned entity based in Manassas, VA. Founded in 2017, by a retired senior level inspector for the Department of Energy (“DOE”) and the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), the company has generated contracts, primarily from the Commercial Companies and Defense Logistics Agency (“DLA”), valued in the millions.

NE’s warehouses are open daily, Monday through Saturday from 8am – 7pm, Eastern Standard Time. After hours, on Sundays, and on holidays, our facilities and staff can be available usually with less than 2 hours’ notice. NE operates two warehouses, each with enhanced security features, data rooms, separate staging areas, and easily accessible docking facilities.

We own a full range of material handling equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, hand-trucks, labeling machines, packaging and shipping materials, scales. To enhance our clients’ experiences, we maintain state-of-the-art technology platforms that can customize the reporting, inspection, procurement, tracking, and management of materials to meet myriad customer requirements. Toward that end, our inventory management system and procedures have been recognized and approved by the Defense Contract Management Association ("DCMA").

NE is emerging as one of the most resourceful competitors among the many companies working to supply the federal government with goods and services. Over the last 15 months, for example, NE has managed to source material and complete key contracts when larger, more substantial competitors could not. The company’s founder, Ferrin Moore, has been able to use his extensive network of business contacts to bridge gaps in the supply chain caused by disruptions stemming from harsh weather conditions, the COVID-19 pandemic, ransomware attacks, and social unrest. Importantly, during this challenging time, all of the company’s completed contracts have been finished on budget with 100% rates of approval.

Nova Enterprises Team

The foundation of NE’s Program Management Plan centers on the team that will guide the operations and fulfill the kitting and delivery requirements. Combined, the NE team has more than 100 years of experiences in logistics, warehousing, and medical supplies management. Additionally, most of the members of the team have Undergraduate and/or Masters’ degrees, as well as a variety of certifications and licenses which demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience in logistics, warehousing, security, inventory management, and compliance.

Members of the NE team are cross trained to fulfill a variety of roles. This structure provides resiliency and flexibility, so that any single member of the team can be replaced without disruption to the production schedule. For example, Ferrin Moore, the President of NE who will serve as the Program Director, will also provide the direction for the Quality Assurance requirements military contracts demand. This assignment of dual roles is possible because the Logistician and the Program Manager both have decades of experience in Project Management and can fulfill any duties that the Program Director designates to them. Additionally, the Inventory Manager and Logistics Manager have the knowledge and experience required to serve in a back-up role in the Quality Assurance Program.